Here is an opportunity for code practice for the upcoming Texas QSO Party using MorseRunner and RufzXP.

  • Requirements
    • Download file “09_TQP.zip” to your WINDOWS computer.
    • Extract the files to a folder of your choice

Folder Content

  • MorseRunner2020TQP_K5DX_
    • instructions in folder "_0_ReadingMaterial_"
      • _1_Morse Runner_folder.pdf
  • Rufz_XP_TrainerMode_Counties
    • instructions in folder "_0_Read_Me_&_StudentComments"
      • _1_Folder_Rufz_TrainerMode_rev.pdf
      • Notes Rufz Freezes up - "_2_RUFZ Freeze Windows 10.pdf"

Morse Runner with the modified database; stations worked in 2020 TQP and RufzXP in trainer mode are tools used to prepare for Texas QSO party.

The Texas counties were divided into three groups. Repeating letters, Bee, Hill; Name or word; Greg, Lamp; and other.  With RufzXP segregate the missed counties. Make a new text file with only those missed and practice the shorter file.

Morse Runner has the callsigns K5DX worked last year in the master.dta file.  I must manually track those giving me a problem. Morse runner gives a serial number as the exchange.

Mark – K5GQ